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sartoria lionora

Shearling is forever

Soft, snug and timeless: made with top-quality natural materials, shearling has now been revised in a modern key, giving rise to models which are not only elegant and feminine but also light and versatile.  Thanks to its breathability, shearling maintains constant body heat, keeping you warm even when temperatures fall. Unlike synthetic furs, outerwear and accessories in shearling stand out for their high quality and durability, enabling all women to wear leather garments that last and improve with the passing of the years. Handmade in Italy, it is a product that never goes out of fashion.

sartoria lionora

A tailored made shearling directly to your home

The secrets of Vicenza’s tailoring are held in one of the most impressive medieval buildings in Veneto, where our sartorial know-how is passed down from generation to generation and delivered directly to the consumer.  Our exclusively Italian craftsmanship gives life to unique garments, refined and well-finished with details highlighting feminine elegance.  Shearling becomes an ideal garment that satisfies every need, without forgetting functionality, current trends or the quality made in Italy. You will have the opportunity to purchase luxury garments which are delivered directly to your doorstep from our historical sartorial workshops.

sartoria lionora

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